Sabbat Oil Blends


Yule - Bring good merry to your home with our in house Yule oil. For all things Solar, rebirth, yule rituals and spells. Good health, wealth, joy, peace, protection, and banishing (negative spirits and unwanted energies) Candlemas -  Spring Equinox (Ostara) -  Beltane - The Fire's of Beltane are lite, dance and frolic the summer is a coming in. For...

Spell Breaker Oil


Created with the energy and purpose of breaking any all spells such as curses, hex's of any kind that has been placed apon you, it can also break spells you have performed and wish to now break. Can also be used to repel negative energy and wish to send back to sender. - For better results use during Dark Moon...

Stop Gossip Oil

Sold Out

burned by those who wish to put an end to harmful rumours, back-biting, and slander. Used for anointing oneself, fixing the home, preparing purple candle or feeding a mojo bag.

Uncrossing Oil


Creating with the purpose of Uncrossing, cleansing and getting rid of negative and bad energies and breaking hexes and curses that may have been placed upon you. Can be used or during spiritual or magical workings, such as rituals, spells or other. Our house Uncrossing Oil blend has sour tons such as lemon with hints of Hyssop and sandalwood among...

Witch's Brew Oil


Created with the energy and purpose of all Witchness.  Our house Witch's Brew Oil blend has strong floral tones of Rose, Lily of the Valley, and Lilac, along with musk and Sandalwood with Fir needle and pomegranate and then infused with Sweet Almond Oil. Specifically used for releasing negativity from one's self/life. Taking ones power back, aiding in independence, strength...