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Key words; Divine love, emotional healing, activation of heat's knowing, Relaxation, Peace, Grounding  Chakras; Heart Element; Water & Earth Planet; Venus & Pluto Physical; Eases stress and supports the parasympathetic nervous system Emotional; Aids one in becoming receptive to love and energy Spiritual; Connects one to the energy of Divine love underlying all of creation  


Greenman Wooden Wall Plaque

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8.75" Diameter. Made of Wood. Green finish. Wooden Greenman Wall Plaque and Altar Tile - Celebrating the Greenman, a symbol of rebirth; the male half of nature, this wall plaque is a beautiful decoration for any sacred space.



Key Words: knowledge, communication, meditation, expansion, calming, enlightenment, new beginnings, insight Chakras: all chakras Element: Earth, Fire, Wind Zodiac: all zodiacs