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Apple Blossom Elixir 50ml


Contains: Apple Blossoms, Twigs & Leaves (Malus spp.) Other Ingredients: Brandy & Local New Brunswick Honey Safety Consideration: None. About Apple Elixir: This extraordinary elixir can be taken after meals to aid the stomach with digestion.  It is also useful for those who are working through sorrow or grief.  Apple cradles the heart, strengthens it & helps it to be whole again.

Bitter Feet Symphony Foot Salve


Bitter Feet Symphony ~ Healthy Feet Foot Salve moisturizes and repairs the skin on dry, tired feet. Feet appear smoother, replenish dry cracked skin and protect the skins moisture barrier. Made in Riverview NB   

Calm like a Balm


Made with grapeseed oil, infused with loose leaf green tea and locally sourced beeswax. As a skin care product here are some benefits of using this product include: - Reduces the look or the signs of aging,- Reduces the appearance of wrinkles- Reduces the look of fine lines- Relieves redness due to dryness- Improves the texture of the skin- Reduces...

Cedar Hydrosol 4oz.


Contains: Cedar (Thuja occidentalis) Other Ingredients: Spring Water Safety Consideration: Do not ingest. About Cedar Hydrosol: One of the most distinctive and stimulating of the hydrosols, Cedar brings us into the present moment, bringing us back into the body by reminding us of the power of nature. Cedar’s clean, fresh, powerful scent freshens any room, bath, or moment. A natural skin toner and astringent,...

Crystal Hammock


Handmade macramé style necklace that can hold a crystal* which can be interchangeable with other crystals   *crystal sold separately 

Designer Candles Pillar L


local Handmade by Lady Rose Makes a wonderful addition to you altar.