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Bees Wax Candle


Uses; Great for ritual, spell or any spiritual work. Can be used for everyday use as well. Bees wax 10" tapper Made from 100% local New Brunswick bees wax

Black & Grey Tarot Bag


Black wool with Grey 100% Cotton (Canadian) Button; standard grey Standard Tarot deck will fit in this bag Hand Crocheted - Irishtown NB

Black & Red Tarot Bag


Black wool with Red 100% Cotton (Canadian) Button; standard red & black Standard to wide deck will fit this bag Hand Crocheted - Irishtown NB

Cernunnos Prayer Beads


Handcrafted Cernunnos Prayer Beads Green AventurineCeltic knot spacers (pewter)Coconut wood beadsPentacle (pewter)Leaf (pewter)    

Horned God Prayer Beads


Handcrafted Horned God Prayer Beads Moss AgateCeltic knot spacers (pewter)SerpentineClear QuartzPentacle (pewter)

Metal & Gemstone Bookmarks


Tree of Life - Blood stone - ancestral connection, protection, healing, courage Skull & Key - Garnet - Balances, protection, business, success, aids sexual potency Eye of Horus - Aquamarine -  communication, courage, warn in ancient Egypt as an amulet to relieve pain and good health