Samhain Sabbat Sale!

Date; October 31st. - Online 12am to 11:59pm                                              In store 10am to 5pm  Location; Mystic Moons Books&Brews Join us as we celebrate the final and third harvest of the year.. Pumpkins are out and decorated as lanterns for...

  • October 01, 2020
  • Sarah Jones

Plastic Bag Ban!

Effective Thursday October 1st. Greater Moncton's ban on single use Plastic bags starts.  Our plan which came into effect before Covid, official starts today. Please bring your own bags!  Orders $60 or more and your paper bag is free.     

Shop Covid-19 Guidelines

We will be operating at reduced hours until further notice. Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm  Closed on Sunday.  Effective October 9th 2020 10am it will be mandatory to wear face mask when entering into Mystic Moons. (This eliminates restricted number of customers in shop and free flow of traffic) (of course people exempt from this is those with documented...