Our name “Mystic Moons” appeared to Sarah during a full moon meditation in early 2007. Books & Brews was added on when we started at the Moncton Farmer’s Market on August 27th 2007. Since our days at the Market, Mystic Moons has grown to what you see today. Our first Brick and Mortar store at St. George St. in 2012 and now to its current location in downtown Moncton started in 2015, is one of the stepping stones for our community new and old alike.

Mystic Moons is dedicated to serving the Maritime Pagan/Spiritual community. We are about educating the public, giving back to the community and helping those in need who seek to better understand the universe in which they tread, in whatever way we can .

Blessed Be!
Sarah – Lady Rose
High Priestess


Meet the Husband and Wife team behind Mystic Moons.

Sarah (Lady Rose), runs the day to day business. You  will often find her chatting with customers, blending oils and incenses, along with other products she makes for  the shop. Trained as a 3rd degree High Priestess, her passion for her path is often seen in her passion to go above and beyond her magical call of duty. She has  been serving the community for over 10 years and is always learning how to better assist who ever walks in the shop doors.

Kevin, is the book keeper, and  helps with sales on a part time basis. A trained computer  tech. Kevin started his Pagan studies a several years ago.  His passion for stones soared when we were in our infancy at the Moncton Farmer’s Market. Since then, he continued to study all aspects about them to better help the customers.


Meet the staff

Karee, has been with Mystic Moons for 2 1/2 years now. Bringing love, joy and laughter to all those she meets. She is a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and has been spreading as much laughter, love and joy as possible, this is one of her lifetime goals. She also loves to hear peoples stories and to help them in anyway she can. She looks for the best in everyone she meets and always finds it. 

Karee is passionate and open about her Spirituality and her path. Though she practices privately, she is always willing to share her experiences with others and answer any questions they may have, in English and in French. If she does not have an answer, she will make every effort to find one.































Martine is Mystic Moons newest team member, though not new to our community. Martine comes to us with 15 years experience working with gemstones and crystals and is available for crystal readings by appointment here at the shop. She is a long time solitary witch, although her social nature draws her out to many group celebrations too.

Her background is in philosophy and religious sciences which makes her passionate about learning all she can on  the different spiritual paths. Martine loves finding solutions so if you find yourself stuck in your spiritual practice she will be happy to offer you assistance in both English and in French.