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All Seeing Eye


Pewter Pendants come with a 33" long cord Aprox. Size : L: 1.0" W: 1.0"

Amulet of Protection

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Pendants come on Legend Cards with a 33" long cord

Angel Of Hope

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The story of Pandora's box tells how a mortal woman opened a magic box and unleashed all the evils of this world to plague humanity. In her horror at the sight of what she had released, she slammed the box closed. After a moment, she heard a faint cry from the box.  A sweet voice called for help, and she...

Angel of Prosperity

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Pewter Pendants come with a 33" long cord Aprox. Size : L: 1.0" W: 0.5"


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The Ankh is one of the most important, enduring and popular symbols of the ancient world.  The word means “life” in the language of the Nile region.  Ankhs were carried as amulets against sickness, danger and death.  Ankhs were used in Egyptian art in all sorts of ways.  Pictures of the sun were made with ankhs at the end of...

Ankh and Scarab


The Ankh was the Ancient Egyptian symbol of life.  The Scarab was one of the forms their Sun God could take.  The scarab beetle was often seen rolling a ball of dung across the desert floor (to be used as food for its young).  To the Egyptians, this suggested a metaphor for the movements of the sun across the sky,...