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The Ankh is one of the most important, enduring and popular symbols of the ancient world.  The word means “life” in the language of the Nile region.  Ankhs were carried as amulets against sickness, danger and death.  Ankhs were used in Egyptian art in all sorts of ways.  Pictures of the sun were made with ankhs at the end of...

Archangel Micheal Pendant

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Sterling Silver 29.8mm, including bail x 19.6mm Many religions regard him as their guardian angel.  He is the champion of the people!  He is the embodiment of strength and compassion!

Bee Pendant

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Sterling Silver

Cameo Pendant

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Sterling Silver

Celtic Crescent Moon Sterling Silver


Sterling Silver Pendant Crescent moon with pentacle and Celtic knot work.

Celtic Triquetra 4

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The triquetra is a symbol of Holy Trinity, often associated with Triple Goddess (Maiden, Mother, Crone) and the phases life. It’s also been commonly used by the Celtic Christians for the Father Son & Holy Spirit. It can also represent Mind, Body, Spirit; Earth, Sea, Sky; Past, Present, Future etc… * Sterling Silver Pendant