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Belladonna Mourning Necklace


Passing out of the shadowsInto eternal day,Why do we call it dying,--This sweet passing away? -Anonymous, 1888   Inspired by the symbol of the Victorian hand in mourning jewelry and the flower Belladonna (meaning silence or death in the Victorian language of flowers). This 925 Sterling Silver necklace was designed in memorium of the death of loved ones in my life...

Braided Pendant Cord


77 cm long

Evil Eye Bead Necklace


Evil Eye bead Pendant Necklace with chain Size; 0.75"D

Evil Eye Key


Lucky Key w/i evil eye.  Chain included Size; 12"L

Hekate's Key


Hekate's key - As holder of the keys she unlocks the gates between realms. She is the Goddess of death and Crossroads.  Comes in 2 styles

Hekate's Wheel


Ancient Greek Symbol that represents the Moon Goddess Hekate who is the also the Goddess of the Crossroads