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Caduceus #2


The caduceus is a symbol of healing. In its many forms it is found from Ireland to China.  It originated in Ancient India, where it is associated with the Kundalini energy, the vital force of consciousness.  It is the staff of Aesculapius, the God of Healing.  The staff is a symbol of magic and priesthood, the snakes stand for vitality,...

Cameo Pendant


Sterling Silver

Celtic Band


Sterling Silver

Celtic Crescent Moon Sterling Silver


Sterling Silver Pendant Crescent moon with pentacle and Celtic knot work.

Celtic Cross Stud


This depicts a Celtic Cross, often viewed as a symbol for eternity or rebirth. It is a symbol sacred to both modern pagans and Christians. Wear or hang near you for constant blessings and protection.    

Celtic Knot


Pendants come on Legend Cards with a 33" long cord Aprox. Size : L: 1.25" W: 1.25"