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Wytch's Dark Moon Oil

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Wytch's Dark Moon Dancing in her shadow, she slips inwards to hide her inner most fears under her darkness.  Made from locally wildcrafted herbs of lilac, apple blossoms, hawthorn, mugwort, bayberry, black cherry and juniper infused in a base of sweet almond. Mixed with vitamin E oil and essential oils with a hint of true wormwood. - Witch's finger or...

Yule Leather Ornaments


Looking for a holiday heirloom? These handmade leather ornaments are a festive addition to any tree AthameBesomCauldron     & Custom Stars that arrive on a hand cut and stamped recycled display card, they make a beautifully bespoke gift for the coming season.

Zodiac Tea Blends


The Astro Tea blends have been formulated based on medical astrology.  Each Zodiac sign rules specific parts of the body so the herbs chosen for each blend are meant to nourish those particular body parts.  Each Zodiac sign also has guardian herbs which have also been included in each blend.  All tea blends are primarily made using herbs grown at...