We support local, here is just a taste of what we have in store.

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Designer Candles Pillar L

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local Handmade by Lady Rose Makes a wonderful addition to you altar.   

Designer Candles Pillar M

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Greenman, Baphomet, Hekate and Pentacle

Designer Candles Pillar S

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Baphomet, Hekate's Wheel and Pentacle

Ghost Pipe Ointment


Like the myth the "Descent of the Goddess" Ghost Pipe allows you to descend through the depths of our being and takes us on a journey through the underworld to understand the mysteries and to know thy self. It is known for it's otherworldly uses. Size; 1/2oz. Magical uses; Rituals/spells for dark night of the soul, shadow work, releasing unwanted attachments....

Goldenrod Herbal Oil

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The latin name Solidago means 'whole'. The significance of Goldenrod is that all above ground parts of the plant can be used for both medicinal and magical uses. Folklore There is a lot to be said about Goldenrod's folklore and alot of it centers around prosperity and divination. From finding hidden or lost object, to hitting it big if Goldenrod...

Local Made Stickers


Stickers designed and done by Earth Wytch Test batch of stickers for fun!