Octagonal Faceted Pendulum (NA)


Pendulums have a long history of usage as both a magical and mundane tool. In magic they are used in divination by asking questions which are then answered by the direction of the pendulum's swing.   Pendulums are also used in the practice of dowsing whereby energies are measured by the swing of the pendulum. For specific stone properties please refer...

Pendulum Assorted Shapes


This pendulum is made from nickel, a perfect metal for beginners. The pendulum’s chain has a small nickel sphere attached to the end for slip free handling.

Pendulum Mat


Take the guesswork out of your pendulum readings with this fun and practical pendulum divination mat. Using a Pendulum is a wonderful way to open your mind to the ways of divination. This 8"x12" black mat is great for all pendulums and has the This mat folds easily and is extremely portable. Pendulum work is done by asking questions and...