Let Love Flow Spray

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Let Love Flow energy spray - Gently releases blockages and supports feelings of love, helping to feel love towards and from both self and others. Removes blockages and obstacles in the way of loveHeals wounded heartsAttracts love into your life Can be used as room spray, or sprayed on yourself, your bedding, and furniture.Each bottle contains charged crystal chips to...

Negate Negativity Energy Spray


Negate Negativity energy spray - Neutralize any negative energy around you including electromagnetic energies from televisions, computers, and phones. This spray is excellent for cleansing an area after heavy emotions have been released or where people tend to be cranky, whether at home or work. Spray in a room after heavy emotions have been released (great for therapists, teachers, retail,...

Protection Powder


  Protection Powder This powder can be used dry or mixed with liquidLine doorways, window ledges, and other points of entry to keep out unwanted beings, paint protective sigils and symbols on windows and doors, and walls.“Those not welcome may not enter” Ingredients: salts, essential oils, incense, herbs, spices, egg shells, intent Size; 2 oz.

Snake Oil


 “Snake Oil” glamour potion - does not contain any actual snake, it is a play on the old term “snake oil salesman” and is used for glamour as well as amplifying the qualities we already have. Ingredients: water infused with crystals, moonlight, smoke, intent, and crystal chips. Size; 1 oz.

Sweet Sleep Energy Spray


Sweet Sleep energy spray - Eases stress and worries, allowing thoughts to go along a gentler path and encouraging pleasant dreams. Helps ease insomnia and slow a spinning mindMist yourself and your sleeping area an hour before bedtime Spray on bedding, to help the body relax Spray in hotel and guest rooms when travelling "The mind quiets, the body relaxes,...