Negate Negativity energy spray - Neutralize any negative energy around you including electromagnetic energies from televisions, computers, and phones. This spray is excellent for cleansing an area after heavy emotions have been released or where people tend to be cranky, whether at home or work.

Spray in a room after heavy emotions have been released (great for therapists, teachers, retail, and healthcare, as well as personal)

Spray regularly in rooms with electromagnetic devices

Spray and walk through the mist whenever feeling heavy and out of sorts

Spray on bed sheets to clear bad dreams
Can be used as room spray, or sprayed on yourself, your bedding, and furniture.
Each bottle contains charged crystal chips to keep the energy potent.
This spray is intentionally unscented so it can be used anywhere.

Ingredients: water infused with crystals, moonlight, crystal chips, intent

Size; 2 oz.