Designer Candles Pillar L


local Handmade by Lady Rose Makes a wonderful addition to you altar.   

Goldenrod Herbal Oil


The latin name Solidago means 'whole'. The significance of Goldenrod is that all above ground parts of the plant can be used for both medicinal and magical uses. Folklore There is a lot to be said about Goldenrod's folklore and alot of it centers around prosperity and divination. From finding hidden or lost object, to hitting it big if Goldenrod...

Mistress of the Moon Ointment


Uses; Flying ointment, dream work (includes lucid & prophetic dreaming and astral projection), psychic visions and visionary work. Mugwort (Artemisia Vulgaris) Ointment, is a wonderful ointment to anyone wanting to incorporate and delve into divination (of any kind), spirit work, and or dream work. It's a wonderful substitute for anyone wishing not to smoke mugwort or inhale the smoke from burning...

Mugwort Herbal Oil


Artemisia vulgaris is her name. She is a Native species to parts of Europe, Northern Africa, Asia. Mugwort is an introduced species to North America and is also known as an invasive weed. Very earthy scent yet with a hint of sweetness, reminding one of a breezy summer day. Folklore- known highly as the 'Witches Herb' and most commonly for...

St. John's Wort Herbal Oil


Folklore Hypericum in Greek means 'over spirit'. Folklore states it was named Hypericum as it was believed to provide special protection especially over the summer months. Later on it became associated with St. John the Batist for the solar aspect and the feast day which is observed at the height of summer.  - Referred to as the 'Blood of Christ'...