Like the myth the "Descent of the Goddess" Ghost Pipe allows you to descend through the depths of our being and takes us on a journey through the underworld to understand the mysteries and to know thy self. It is known for it's otherworldly uses.

Size; 1/2oz.

Magical uses; Rituals/spells for dark night of the soul, shadow work, releasing unwanted attachments. Divination, workings with the dead along with spirit and ancestors. 

How to Use; Topical use only! You can anoint your third eye and your pulse points or anoint/massage into your body or under your feet before ritual/spell work or before bed or any magical workings.

Made of; Organic & Local Ghost Pipe (Monotropa uniflora) Organic Sweet Almond Oil, local bee's wax, vitamium E oil.

Safety tips
**Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding
**Keep away from children & pets
**Mucous membranes 

***This item is sold as a curio only. Not intended to be sold as a cure all, or to treat, diagnose or prevent any diseases. This is not indorsed by HC