Adam & Eve Root


Use the Adam and Eve roots to keep lovers true and faithful, or to bring love and marriage to you. ***Do Not Ingest***

Bat Head Root


The particular form of this root recalls a bat 's head, complete with a typical hook. Used to enhance the achievement of Life Missions , it is also used in divination to receive vision and revelations. Also for Magic Wishes. Made in Canada, packaged in both English and French 

Coffin Nails


High quality and energetically consecrated spell & ritual components. Good for Banishment, Uncrossing, Protection from Malicious Attacks, Reversing Black Magic. Made in Canada. Label printed in English & French.


Lucky Hand Root

$19.75 $16.45

This remarkable botanical curiosity is deemed lucky draws in which the door and protect from harm. Used in Mojo bags or as a talisman to wear. Some practitioners use it as an amulet as part of the lottery , running, playing and gambling. Made in Canada, packaged in both English & French