Crocheted Shawls


The season of the Crone is alive, and damp cold days call for grandmother's shawl.  Hand crocheted Shawls by Wyrd Craft. Made with real Wool blends. Large Shawl - Green/Purple Measures: 65" X 26"d Large with Hood  Medium Shawl - Black/BlueMeasures: 36" X 24"  Each shawl comes with instructions on washing and drying

DIY Poppet Kit


Make your own Magical Poppet with Wyrd Crafts DYI Poppet Kit.  Kit includes;- Fabric (body is already sewn, except a small hole at the top)- Stuffing- Stick- Buttons for eye- Yarn for hair- Instructions Have fun creating and or designing your very own poppet for any of your magical workings.  **Magical Uses; Healing, protection, purification, love, luck and more....

Pentacle Hat & Finger Gloves

Sold Out

Crocheted by Wyrd Craft.. 100% Acrylic fiber, with an embroidered pentacle on the hat & fingerless gloves. Size; Small to Medium **Comes with wash instructions and its own bag. 

Scarves - Handmade


Hand Woven by Wyrd Craft Orange with stars- 100% Wool. - 7' 1/2" longBlack&White  with pentacles - 100% Wool - 6' 1/2"Purple - Blend of Wool & Synthetic fibers - 8' 10" longRed&Black - 100% Acrylic yarn - 5' 10" **Each Scarf comes with individual washing instructions & its own bag also handmade by Wyrd Craft.