Angel of Harmony

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The Angel of Harmony whispers to us to be at peace with those around us, and to find as much love and community as we can.  She is most at home with those who feel at home, especially with others. Her blessing is the one that helps a person forget a bad mood, so as to enjoy the company of...

Angel of Healing

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The Angel of Healing is the Angel who acts to comfort us in times of pain.  Her magic flows from the understanding that pain and sickness arise from imbalance with our minds, hearts, and bodies.  She watches over us when we are unwell, and whispers healing guidance to us.  If we are able to accept our trouble as it is,...

Angel Of Hope


The story of Pandora's box tells how a mortal woman opened a magic box and unleashed all the evils of this world to plague humanity. In her horror at the sight of what she had released, she slammed the box closed. After a moment, she heard a faint cry from the box.  A sweet voice called for help, and she...

Angel of Peace


The Angel of Peace cannot stop war or conflicts between people.  Her wisdom lies in her ability to see that strife pollutes the lives of everyone who even hears about it.  Violence makes people afraid.  The Angel of Peace uses her powers to find ways to help each person find freedom from fear.  Her gift is in finding inner peace,...

Angel of Prosperity


Pewter Pendants come with a 33" long cord Aprox. Size : L: 1.0" W: 0.5"

Angel of Wisdom

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The Angel of Wisdom offers one of the highest blessings; the ability to see the world as others see it.  That, say many of the wise ones in history, is the meaning of wisdom.  She helps us to see the needs of the other, for our own prosperity, and for their well-being.  She helps us to open to love; to...