Florida Water Soap


The Original Florida water soap from Murray & Lanman. Wash with the Florida Water Soap daily for spiritual cleansing. 

Go Away Evil Soap


Use our Go Away Evil Soap to help remove evil and negativity. Stop evil dead in it's tracks! This soap gets rid of all of the evil around you from your enemies, the dead, demons, and other evil sources. Be protected from the devil and all of his evil with our Go Away Evil Soap. Accept no substitutes! 3 oz....

High John Soap


Wash with our High John the Conqueror Soap to gain strength & power. Also very effective to use before going to court to gain a positive outcome. 3oz

Jinx Removing Soap

Sold Out

Specially Formulated Jinx Removing soap removes all jinxes and hexes. 3oz Bar

Love Soap


Wash with our Specially Formulated Love Soap daily to draw love & find your ideal mate. 3oz

Money Drawing Soap

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Wash daily with our Money Drawing soap to enhance your ability to attract money and riches. This specially formulated money drawing bar soap has a delightful aroma & will help undo your money block and help open your path to prosperity.  3oz