Animal Wisdom (used)


Animal Wisdom introduces the ancient ways of shamanism, a spiritual practice through which we can learn to 'journey' and discover our animal guides. We all have one or more animal guides, whose appearance brings a magical lesson. By increasing our senstivity to our animals, we begin to enrich our wisdom, heighten our intuitive powers and take the true path of...

Because We Love We Cry (used book)


When poet Sheree Fitch awoke on the morning of April 20, 2020, as the full story of the tragedy in nearby Portapique, Nova Scotia, was unfolding, she thought of all affected; she thought of the painful day ahead, of what parents would say to their children. She thought about grieving when apart. The words that became " Because we love, we...

Becoming Dangerous (used)

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Author; Katie West  At the crossroads of #MeToo, #HexthePatriarchy, and the increasingly vocal feminist and LGBTQ+ movements comes a highly readable and moving collection of writingsThe difference between the witch and the layperson is that a witch already knows they are powerful. The layperson may only suspect. Becoming Dangerous is a collection of deeply personal essays by marginalized people operating...

Before we Leave You (used)


What if whales and dolphins truly do have a superior intellect, as many believe, and can speak to the human race? What would their message be? In November 2008, gifted clairvoyant Patricia Cori was in Jordan teaching a workshop when a life-changing event occurred. A community of Cetaceans—“a choir of whales and dolphins,” as she describes it—interrupted her talk with...

Dream Angus (used)


Alexander McCall Smith has turned his storytelling talents to crafting a collection of short fiction from this Irish mythology. Five contemporary fables of love lost and found unfold alongside Angus’s search for the beautiful Caér, the swan maiden he met in his dreams. McCall Smith mesmerizingly unites reality and dreams, today and the ancient past, leaving the reader to wonder:...

Gods in Everyman (used)

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The long-awaited companion volume to Goddess in Everywoman, which sold more than 150,000 copies. Drawing upon the theories of Jung, Dr. Bolen explores the powerful inner patterns, or archetypes, that shape men's personalities. She introduces these inner patterns in the guise of eight gods or personality types, maintaining that understanding these archetypes is the key to self-awareness.