Brass Candelabra

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Solid Brass Three Candle Holder.

Brass Mini Candle Holder


Made to resemble an old fashion  candle holder. This is made to fit the mini  candles. 2 1/2" tall.

Brass Tapper Candle Holder

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This classically styled, brass tapper candle holder, a finger loop for easy carrying from room to room, making a wonderfully old fashioned accent. Size; 2 1/2" tall. Photo may differ then what is in stock.

Candle Holder God Wood Finish


Size: 7 5/8"h x 4 3/8"w x 4 3/8"d The two faces of the God stand back-to-back representing duality. The Leaf King, or Leaf Man, reigns Spring to Fall as the God of plenty and fruitful harvest. He is boisterous and loud, full of life, song, stories, and jokes. Carefree and thrilled to be alive, life arises wherever his staff...

Candle Holder Goddess Wood Finish


Size: 7 5/8"h x 4 3/8"w x 4 3/8"dThe Triple Goddess is beautifully depicted, representing three phases of a woman's life. The Maiden emerges gently, like the Spring with the waxing crescent on her brow, full of promise, youth and vitality. Graced by the full moon, the Mother stands proud and enraptured. At the height of pregnancy, she is strong,...

Chakra Mini Candle Holder


This cubed mini candle holder is made from frosted glass, with a silver tone center and jeweled chakra wheel. 1.25" Symbol; 7 Chakras - Crown = Viloet, Indigo = Third eye, Blue = Throat, Green = Heart, Yellow = Solar Pexus, Orange =  Naval, Red = Base