Dream Catcher - Black Pentacle


This lovely dream catcher features a masterfully woven pentacle which points are adorned with beads to point out the five elements characterized by the pentacle. From the centre piece hangs a few strands of black faux suede with scattered dark colour feathers.  SYMBOL: The pentacle is a symbol of protection. Most religion on Earth attributes special powers to number 5, which...

Green Man Banner


Size : 14″X36″

Himalayan Salt Lamp


Our Lamps come directly from Pakistan. Colored with natural minerals, such as iron, these lamps are wonderful examples of the natural wonders that can be found within the earth. Each lamp is created with a large piece of Himalayan rock salt that has had its core hollowed out, and has been fastened to a sturdy wooden base. This allows for...

Lunar Phase Banner


This stunning lunar phase banner showcases all moon phases from waxing crescent to full moon, to waning crescent. The banner is made of 100% cotton and includes wooden dowels with a string for easier and effective hanging and display. Size: 15.5 inches W. x 48 inches L. Comes from Bali.  SYMBOL: The moon is a reflection of the sun. It symbolizes...

Pentacle Goddess Banner


Size : 14″X36″

Salt Night Light


3.5" tall Comes with light