A Skeleton Key to Finnegans Wake


Author : Joseph Campbell Countless would-be readers of Finnegans Wake - James Joyce's masterwork, on which he laboured for a third of his life - have given up after a few pages and dismissed it as a "perverse triumph of the unintelligible." Indeed when it was first published in 1939, the book was met largely with indifference, as readers and...

Ancient Giants


Author; Xaciant Haze  

Creative Mythology


Author; Joseph Cambell  The whole inner story of modern culture since the Dark Ages, treating modern man's unique position as the creator of his own mythology.

Dictionary of Gypsy Mythology (hc)


Author; Claude Lecouteux  A comprehensive A-to-Z reconstruction of the oral tradition of the Rom--gypsies--based on sources never before available in English • Presents the origin myths and magical traditions of the gypsies, including their legendary ties to Egypt, animal ancestors, and tree spirits • Examines the three major settings of gypsy folktales--the forest, the waters, and the mountain--and shows how their world...

Hero With a Thousand Faces (HC)


Author : Joseph Campbell  This newly redesigned edition of Campbell’s seminal 1949 work combines the insights of modern psychology with the author’s revolutionary understanding of comparative mythology. Illustrated.

Magickal Mystical Creatures


Unicorns, pookas, centaurs, gorgons, griffins and gargoyles... Enlist the special energies of over 200 fabulous creatures and mythical beasts on the astral plane to empower your magickal workings, rituals, and potential for success. Call upon a Magical Serpent for that financial windfall, or let the Phoenix help you resurrect your hope and energy!