Brass Pentacle Altar Patten


Representing the four elements united by spirit, or the divine, this brass pentagram is a powerful piece for your altar, or for hanging upon your altar. Size; 4"

Pentacle Altar Tile 4"


Bring the mysticism and magic of the pentacle into your sacred space with this 4", silver-plated altar tile and use it to aid within your rituals, ceremonies, and magic.

Silver Brass Pentacle Altar Patten 6"


Crafted of white metal to be a silvery presence of light and mysticism upon your alter, this altar tile depicts an interwoven pentagram as a potent symbol of the elements united and ruled by divinity or spirit. Size; 6"

Soapstone Pentagram Altar Patten


Carved soapstone, this altar tile depicts the triple moon symbol which for many reflects the three forms of the goddess. Stone colors range from cream to tan, to burgandy, almost lavender, and more. Random our choice. Size; 3"

Soapstone Pentagram Altar Patten


A lovely altar tile, carved of soapstone, this triquetra is a wonderful symbol of mind, body and spirit and the Triple Goddess. Size; 3"

Triquetra Altar Tile 3"


This is a very nice, heavy weight piece that features a triquetra surrounded by a circle. This would make a very nice small altar tile, or it could be used as a coaster. Silver plated brass. 3/8" thick by 3" diameter.