Created with the energy and purpose of all things to be Reversed.  Our house Reversing Oil blend has strong notes of Tobacco and Ambergris with spicy tones of black pepper and musky civet . Infused with Sweet Almond Oil.

Specifically used in reversing a situation, spells the practitioner has performed such as; love spells, curses, hexes, and any spells in between. Reverse a spell that has been done against you and return to sender.  ect. 

- Best result use during Full Moon and or New Moon times. 

Take a red and black candle or a combination candle of black and red, anoint candle(s). Dress the candle(s) with our Reversing oil. Black is used for protection and whipping away any bad luck or juju that has come your way. Red brings life, good fortune and good favor to the practitioner. Reversing oil can also be ysed to dress and anoint the very objects in which you previously charmed in the spell work you now wish to reverse.  The practitioner can dress their petition, photo(s), spell pouches or conjure bags and any other object. 

There is notes of black salt and sulfure in this mixture so please becareful if you anointing your body or putting in a bath.