Rowan Berries 1 oz.


Latin name;  Sorbus aucuparia Uses; Protection, dedications, fertility, healing, grounding, luck, music, poetry, strength  - Other Folk names; Mountain Ash, Quickbane, Sorb Apple. Can be used to aid in astral travels to other realms Planet; Sun and Mercury  Element; Earth & Fire  - Locally Wildcrafted in Irishtown NB

Sage Brush


Latin Name; Artemisia ludoviciana Common Names; White Sage Brush, Silver wormwood, Gray Sagewort, Soft Sage Known as "Sea Sage" to the locals of Eastern Canada.  It is a Native Species to Western Canada all the way down to Mexico. **This Sage Brush is local & organically grown.  Magical/Spiritual uses; Sage is used in ceremony to cleanse, protect and heal. Calls...

St. John's Wort 1/2 oz. Local

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Latin name; Hypericum perforatum Uses; Health, protection, strength, love divination, happiness Energy; Male Planet; Sun Element; Fire  Locally wildcrafted in Albert County NB  

Wormwood 1/2 oz.

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Latin name; Artemisia absinthiumCommon Names; Wormwood Grown Locally & organically in Irishtown NB  Uses; Psychic power, protection, love, calling spirits Energy; Male Planet; Mars Element; Fire