Fireweed 1/2 oz. Local


Latin name; Chamaenerion angustifolium Uses; Healing, grounding, cleansing, transformative Energy; Male Planet; Mercury Element; Fire  Locally wildcrafted in Irishtown NB  

Goldenrod (Local)


Latin name; Solidago odora Uses; prosperity, divination Energy; Female Planet; Venus Element; Air

Hawthorn Bark

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Hawthorn Bark can be ground up for incense or placed in a charm bag Uses; protection (especially psychic attack, purification, ancestry, spirit communication also can be used to connect with the fae folk. Locally foraged in Irishtown NB

Hawthorn berries 1oz.


Latin name; Crataegus laevigata Uses; Fertility magic, happiness, and chastity - Gaelic legend marks it as the entrance to the "otherworld" Energy; Male Planet; Mars Element; Fire Harvested in Irishtown NB

Hawthorn; Thorns


Uses; use them in charm bags for protection (especially psychically), luck, love, fertility, happiness and connecting with the fae. Includes;info sheet (inside the bottle)21 thorns Glass bottle  Foraged in  Irishtown NB Canada

Juniper Needle

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Latin Name; Juniperus communis