Valerian Root 1oz.


Latin name; Valeriana officinalis Uses; Love, sleep, purification, protection Energy; Female Planet; Venus Element; Water 



A beautiful white candle with a strong citrus scent. 2" x 4" pillar burns for 40 hours. Light this candle anytime you feel a stuffiness to your energy or need a positive change to your luck. Van Van is a traditional Hoo Doo all purpose recipe that brings a positive change in your luck, clears away evil, opens your path...



Key words; Inner peace, love and compassion, alighnment of the physical and light bodies, simplicity, clarity, emotional healing. Chakras; Heart Element; Water  Physical; Encourages positive brain states; enhances learning, cognition, reasoning and logic Emotional; Opens the heart and kindles long-lasting emotional well-being Spiritual; Inspires one to release negative patterns into the light, instills inner harmony.

Vatican Stone


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Vervain 1oz.


Latin name; Verbena officinalis Uses; Love, protection, purification,, peace, money, youth, chastity, sleep, healing Energy; Female Planet; Venus Element; Earth


Vetiver Root 1oz.

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Latin name; Chrysopogon zizanioides Energy; Female Planet; Venus Element; Earth Uses; love, hex breaking, luck, money, anti-theft