Crescent Moon Golden Sheen Obsidian


Obsidian Moon in the shape of a waxing/waning crescent moon. This magical gold sheen swirling throughout, is created in nature during the cooling of the lava. Gold sheen Obsidian acts like a protective shield that will deflect negativity and from someone asserting power over us. May also assist with blocks, removing ego thoughts and align us with our highest path....

Emerald Skull


Hand carved Emerald Skull  191g Key words; Love, Compassion, Healing, Abundance, Money, Protection, Exorcism, Eyesite Chakras; Heart Element; Earth Planet; Venus Physical; Supports the heart, blood and circulatory system Emotional; Opens the heart to love, forgiveness, compassion and trust Spiritual; Facilitates the awakening to Divine love  

Flower Agate palm Stone

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Fluorite Bowls


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Fluorite Sphere


Categorized by weight Key words; Mental enhancement and clarity, improved decision making, clearing the energy fields. Chakras; All Element; Wind Physical; Supports brain chemistry, bones and teeth; helps overcome vertigo or dizziness  Emotional; Aids in dispelling confusion, dishonesty, anxiety about the future Spiritual; Helps with cleansing the astral body, enhancing mental capacities