Black Tourmaline Skull


Hand carved Black Tourmaline Skull 861g Key words; Purification, Protection, Grounding Element: Earth Planet; Saturn Physical: Supports Purification of the Body, Eliminates Toxic Substances Emotional: Helps Dispel Worry, Judgement, Fear, Anger, Shame and Other Toxic Emotions Spiritual: Aids with Cleansing and Grounding of the Energetic Field

Blue Onyx

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Blue Quartz Top Polish

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Approx 350g

Clear Quartz Alien Skull


Hand carved Clear Quartz Skull 129g and 152g Key words: Power, Energy, Clarity, Protection, Healing Folk names; Crystal, Witch's Mirror Chakras: All Element; Fire and Water Planets; Sun and Moon  Physical: Supports Nervous System, Can be Programed for Any Healing Emotional: Used to Intensify Feelings, Heals the Emotional Body Spiritual: Enhances Clarity, Aids in Communicating With Spirit Reals Folklore; The ancients believed Quartz was actually water from the heavens...