Icelandic Plant Magic: Folk Herbalism


Author; Albert Bjorn The magic of Iceland is known to all those who have set foot on this seemingly desolate rock in the North Atlantic. Mystical staves, crafty hidden folk, and the dangerous ghosts of long dead priests all have their place within the magic of the island. However, our plant life tends to go unnoticed. Hiding in the shadows...

Loki and Sigyn


Lessons on Chaos, Laughter and loyalty from the Norse gods.Written by Lea SvendsenUncover the Truth about Loki and His Devoted Wife Sigyn This captivating book takes you deep into the infamous legacy of Loki and the quiet power of Sigyn, the goddess of loyalty and compassion. As a controversial figure in Heathenry, Loki is often approached with trepidation. But this...

Njord and Skadi


Author; Sheena McGrath  Njord and Skadi: A Myth Explored delves into the story of the Norse giantess Skadi and her unhappy marriage to the sea-god Njord.  As compensation, after the gods killed her father, Skadi is given a choice of husbands from among the gods, but she has to choose by looking at just their feet.  She chooses the finest-looking feet,...

Norse Goddess Magic: Trancework, Mythology, and Ritual


Author; Alice Karlsdottir A practical guide to the magic of the feminine side of the Norse pantheon • Provides invocations and rituals to call each goddess forth for personal and group spirit work • Details the author’s trancework to discover the personalities and powers of Frigg the Allmother, wife of Odin, and the 12 lesser-known Aesir goddesses associated with her...

Northern Gnosis

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Author; Greg Mogenson  C.G. Jung regarded psychology to be a modern form of myth. Inspired by this insight, Mogenson's book examines the writings of Freud and Jung in the light of Norse mythology. Jung's theory of the archetype is read as a variant of the old stories concerning Thor's encounters with the giants. Freud's theories of a death instinct, repetition...

Northern Magic: Rune Mysteries & Shamanism

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Author; Edred Thorsoon  This in-depth primer of the magic of the Northern Way introduces the major concepts and practices of Gothic or Germanic magic. From Pennsylvania Dutch hex-magic to Scandinavian runes, Northern Magic explores the folk traditions, ancient lore, Germanic Mysteries, magic, and wisdom of this ancient Germanic culture.