Wooden Tray


Wooden tray with brass coloured handles 8"x8" - approx 1.25" deep


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Latin name; Asperula odorata, Galium odorata Uses; protection, prosperity, victory Energy; Male Planet; Mars Element; Fire

Woodwose Homilies


Author; Daniel A. Schulke The Woodwose or Wuduwasa is an Anglo-Saxon form of the archaic Wild-man, an enigmatic figure clad and masked in leaves. Bearing a leafing club or staff, he makes his appearance at the margins of wilderness and civilization, dream and waking, plant and human. Embodying aspects both noble and barbarous, both he and the Wild-women or Silvaticæ are the deified reservoirs...

Working Conjure

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Also known as hoodoo or rootwork, conjure is an old, powerful, and popular system of folk magic with strong roots in West African culture. Influenced as well by Christianity, Jewish mysticism, and Native American practices, the tradition of conjure is both fascinating and subtle. Hoodoo Sen Molise has been studying this tradition and working with conjure for 35 years. Here...