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Everyday Tarot: Using the Cards to Make Better Life Decisions

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Author; Gail Fairfield This text focuses on the psychological meanings that can be found in the symbolism of tarot cards. Rather than simply predicting a future in which we have no real choice, the author's clear interpretations provide guidelines that should lead readers to insights and self-understanding. The book offers tips on choosing a deck, designing layouts and giving readings...

Face Reading Plain and Simple


Author : Jonathan Dee The face is the first thing we focus on when meeting any new person - we automatically assess mood, feelings, and intentions by what we "read" on that person's face.  This book will introduce you to the ancient Chinese art of face reading so that you can gain insight into the personalities of your loved ones...

Fortune Telling with Playing Cards

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Author : Jonathan Dee There is a certain romance attached to playing cards: from the riverboat gamblers on the Mississippi to genteel parlor games and the current popular surge in poker tournaments. How many of us while away our bored moments with a game of solitaire?This user-friendly guide will show you how to turn an ordinary deck of cards into...

Geomancy for Beginners


Geomancy, a three-thousand-year-old form of earth divination, can answer your questions about relationships, career, money, and all aspects of life. In this comprehensive, easy-to-follow introduction to the topic, bestselling author Richard Webster presents eight different methods you can try, from astrological geomancy to Arthurian divination to a version attributed to Napoleon. Each method is based on making a random number...

Handbook of Palmistry

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Astrology and palmistry make people vivid and full of possibilities. Everybody has a birthday and almost everyone has a palm." - Kurt VonnegutThe future's not written in the stars, but etched in the palm of your hand, as Victorian mystic Rosa Baughan discovered to her endless fascination. Drawn from clandestine dinners with Parisian scholars, the wisdom of the Kabbalah, and...

How to Read Tarot

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Author; Adam's Media  Learn how to anticipate the future and shape the present in this new guide about reading Tarot cards.For centuries, mystics and clairvoyants have used Tarot cards to predict the future. But no special power is needed to read the cards with How to Read Tarot. This easy-to-follow guide can show you how to interpret and understand the meaning...