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ABC's of Chakra Therapy: A Workbook

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Author; Deedre Diemer The ABC's of Chakra Therapy is a practical, user-friendly guidebook that leads you on a journey of self-healing and transformation by exploring your energy field - specifically the seven main energy centers, or chakras. Deedre Diemer's unique approach draws on a variety of therapies - visualization, sound, color, aromatherapy, reflexology, crystals and gemstones, along with yoga and...

Book of Chakra Healing

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Author; Liz Simpson This ancient Indian system of healing focuses on vortices of energy that originate in seven centers of the body. When they become blocked, a variety of ailments can manifest themselves. This book discusses various practical ways to work on chakras, using archetypal and animal associations, crystals, meditation, visualization, affirmations, and physical exercise. It starts by familiarizing the...

Chakra Bible: The Definitive Guide to Working with Chakras

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Author; Patricia Mercier Chakras are the centers of energy in our body that profoundly affect our well-being. Through this exquisitely designed volume, newcomers to this alternative form of spirituality can understand every aspect of chakra power. In addition to an illuminating introduction, a detailed guide covers each chakra, with their associated colors, Indian deity, healing stone, and emotional and physical...

Chakra Therapy

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Author; Keith Wood In "Chakra Therapy" by Keith Sherwood you will learn that the chakras are more than colored areas in your aura. They function as distribution centers for the energy that flows through your body. If they''re blocked, the energy doesn''t flow and mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual problems can result. But you can clear the blockages and overcome...

Chakras for Beginners: A Guide to Balancing Your Chakra Energies


Author; David Pond You may think that difficult situations and emotions you experience are caused by other people or random events. This book will convince you that inner imbalance is not caused by situations in the outer world—instead, your imbalances create the situations that interfere with your sense of well-being and peace. Chakras for Beginners explains how to align your...

Chakras, Plain & Simple: The Only Book You'll Ever Need


This accessible and user-friendly book introduces the seven major chakras#8212those spinning vortexes of energy throughout the body#8212and presents ways of healing the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual problems that arise when the chakras are blocked, misaligned, or too open. It also describes how the chakras affect people and provides simple healing techniques, an explanation of the relationship between color and...