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Aradia: Gospel of the Witches, Expanded Edition


Author; Charles Leland,  Mario Pazzaglini (Trans.); Dina Pazzaglini (Trans.); Stewart Farrar (Foreword); Chas S. Clifton; Robert Mathiesen; Robert E. Chartowich Publication; 1998 Condition of Book; Brand new, no markings or folds. Before Gerald Gardner ever thought to write his first book, there was an explorer named Charles Leland who felt he could discover and preserve the secrets of Italian Witchcraft....

Celts: Masters of Fire


Author; Marion Pearce Publishing house; Capall Bann Publication date; 2008 (1st. Edition) Condition of Book; Brand new  The Smith was thought of as magical to the Celts. The process of turning metals from raw materials into molten metal able to be shaped into tools and weapons would have been considered magical indeed. Smith Gods were prominent in Celtic mythology -...

Earth Dance A Year of Pagan Rituals


Author; Jan Brodie Publication house' Capall Bann Publication date; 1995 Condition of Book; Brand new Brodie shares with us some of the seasonal rituals which she has developed through her years of experience in Wicca. Unlike other books based on the yearly cycle of modern Wicca, Jan has based her rituals on British deities and British customs. Illustrated with quality...

Egyptian Paganism (Used)


Author; Jocelyn Almond Bring the sacred rites and rituals of ancient Egypt into your Pagan practice today. This beautifully written guide, by noted scholars Jocelyn Almond and Keith Seddon, presents a compelling overview of ancient Egyptian religious and magical beliefs.Egyptian Paganism for Beginners is unique in its focus on specific rituals for individual gods and goddesses. For solitary practitioners who want...

Lid Off The Cauldron; A Wiccan Handbook


Author; Patricia Crowther Publishing House; Capall Bann Publication date; 1998 Condition of Book; Fair to Good. (no markings, wear on the cover with minor fold mark on cover) Patricia Crowther lifts the lid off the cauldron and reveals the truth about witchcraft, sharing its history and the methods and theory behind magic and self-initiation. Included are spells, chants, prayers, divination...

Light from the Shadows: A Mythos of Modern Traditional Witchcraft


Author; Gwyn Publishing house; Capall Bann Publication date; 1999 Condition of Book; Brand new, never opened An inside account of traditional witchcraft as it is practised today by several covens and clans across Britain and how it compares with modern Wicca. Subjects include the working tools of the traditional witch; the Horned God and Witch Goddess; entering the circle and...