Author; Gwyn

Publishing house; Capall Bann

Publication date; 1999

Condition of Book; Brand new, never opened

An inside account of traditional witchcraft as it is practised today by several covens and clans across Britain and how it compares with modern Wicca. Subjects include the working tools of the traditional witch; the Horned God and Witch Goddess; entering the circle and 'passing the power' in Hereditary and Traditional Craft; traditional forms of magick, including healing, cursing and hexing, necromancy, shape shifting, familiar spirits and spirit guides, working with the elementals and psychic self-protection. There are also chapters on the traditional Mythic Theme of the Wheel of the Year and the esoteric symbolism of the festivals. It concludes with a look at the relevance of the Traditional Craft in the 21st century.