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2024 Witches' Calendar


Dance to the Seasons' Natural Rhythms with this Beloved Witchcraft Calendar Jazz up your new year with Llewellyn's 2024 Witches' Calendar. Featuring magnificent scratchboard art by Jennifer Hewitson and seasonal spells by skilled practitioners, this calendar has been the first choice for Witches and Pagans everywhere for more than twenty-five years. Plan your most enchanting year yet with information on...

2024 Witches' Datebook


Stay Organized and Magically Inspired All Year Long Invite more magic into each day with Llewellyn's 2024 Witches' Datebook. Featuring illustrations from award-winning artist Jennifer Hewitson, this beloved planner presents various ways to celebrate the Wheel of the Year and powerful wisdom from practicing Witches, such as: • Sabbat musings by James Kambos• Tasty recipes by Laurel Woodward• Magical tips by...

Moon Phase Calendar 2024


Keep track of the moon phases with this Lunar Calendar for 2024. The calendar also makes a striking piece of wall art and a great talking point for any room.


We'Moon Calendar 2023

$28.75 $5.00

We'Moon 2023: Silver Lining draws inspiration from the first light of the Moon: "The Waxing Crescent". There at the edge of night sky is a young crescent moon, a curl of promise, a hook on which to hang our imaginations. This datebook is a stunning weave of art and writing from women offering radiant wisdom, passionate earth-devotion, love miracles, inventive...