Dance to the Seasons' Natural Rhythms with this Beloved Witchcraft Calendar Jazz up your new year with Llewellyn's 2024 Witches' Calendar. Featuring magnificent scratchboard art by Jennifer Hewitson and seasonal spells by skilled practitioners, this calendar has been the first choice for Witches and Pagans everywhere for more than twenty-five years. Plan your most enchanting year yet with information on planetary motions�including retrogrades�and correspondence tables for working powerful magic. This bestselling calendar also features the Moon's signs and phases, daily color correspondences, solar and lunar eclipses, lunar gardening tips, and Celtic tree months so you can live your best life. Includes US, Canadian, and Pagan holidays. January: One-Year Divination Kate Freuler February: First Flowers Elizabeth Barrette March: Psychic Bath Spell Mat Auryn April: Spontaneity with the Fool Raechel Henderson May: Rowan Protection Charm Mhara Starling June: Liminal Solstice Energy H. Byron Ballard July: Sidewalk Chalk Magic Diana Rajchel August: Sun Salutation Raven Digitalis September: Apple Love Sachet Jason Mankey October: Quitting Cleanly Melissa Tipton November: Land Acknowledgment Blake Octavian Blair December: Simple Blessings Barbara Moore Llewellyn's Witches' Calendar has been a go-to resource for Witches and Pagans since 1998.

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