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Complete Illustrated Guide to Palmistry

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Author; Peter West  Lavishly illustrated throughout, this comprehensive guide to palmistry explains all of the principles and practices necessary to read the palm of the hand. With sections covering fingerprint patterns and handprints, interpreting the meaning of the life line, love line and fate line and predicting key events from the details of your hands, this fascinating book gives an...

Crystal Ball Reading for Beginners: Easy Divination & Interpretation


Author; Alexandra Chauran Haven't you always wanted to gaze into a crystal ball and see what the future holds? You can learn to use a crystal ball for divination, guidance, and meditation—this friendly introductory guide tells you how! Alexandra Chauran, a second-generation fortuneteller, presents everything you need to know to begin doing crystal ball readings immediately. You'll learn what a...

Crystal Balls & Crystal Bowls


Author; Ted Andrews Quartz crystal balls and crystal bowls are popular magical tools. Yet, not everyone understands the extent of their power and multipurpose potential. Ted Andrews reveals how these dynamic instruments can be used for divination, astral projection, spirit communication, healing, and reaching higher states of consciousness. Readers will learn many methods of crystal gazing, along with ways to enhance...

Divination for Beginners: Reading the Past, Present & Future


Author; Scott Cunningham Anyone can practice divination. You don't need to be psychic, or believe that a higher power controls the cards. Anyone can learn to predict the future using the methods described in this book. Learn how to choose the methods that works best for you, and ask the right questions so you get accurate answers. Discover the secrets...

Dowsing for Beginners


Author; Richard Webster  You look around at the anxious faces. They're all counting on you. In your hands you hold the two short ends of a Y-shaped stick. Slowly, you start to walk around a field. Suddenly, the stick begins to move, seemingly of its own accord. The tip of the stick is pulled down and the stick bends until...

Earth Divination Earth Magic


Author: John Michael Greer Here is a complete guide to the lost art of geomancy - one of the major divination systems that are a part of the Western magical tradition.Geomancy is simple, quick, and direct - anyone can get answers to a question in a matter of moments by learning how to read the patterns revealed by the 16...