Author; Richard Webster 

You look around at the anxious faces. They're all counting on you. In your hands you hold the two short ends of a Y-shaped stick. Slowly, you start to walk around a field. Suddenly, the stick begins to move, seemingly of its own accord. The tip of the stick is pulled down and the stick bends until you think it might break. When you finally find the point with the strongest pull you say, 'Here. Dig here.' A few hours later, a much-needed well is producing hundreds of gallons of water.

In olden days this respected practice was known as 'water witching.' Today it is called dowsing, and the best way to learn this skill is with Richard Webster's Dowsing for Beginners. By learning the techniques in this book you will open a doorway to personal growth, potential financial gain and spiritual development.

Numerous techniques are given. They use simple objects like a forked stick or just your hand. The book is also filled with illustrations and photos that will allow you to see the correct way to use all of these techniques.

Of course, you will be able to use these techniques to discover lost or hidden items. You will be able to find subterranean water, gold, and oil. You will also learn how to use these techniques to answer questions and even help you with potential health problems before they occur.