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Practical Planetary Magick


Author; David Rankin & Sorita d'Este The influence of the seven Wandering Stars or Deathless Powers of the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn has shaped the development of magick for many thousands of years. Their influence can be seen permeating many of the modern Western Esoteric Traditions, who are the inheritors of the wisdom & knowledge...

Seidr - the Gate Is Open: Working with Trance Prophecy, the High Seat, and Norse Withcraft


Author; Katie Gerrard "The seidr current is fresh and vibrant, with the strength and solidity of the Norse deities behind it." - Katie Gerrard Seidr is the intriguing and powerful early Norse system of shamanistic trance practices. In Seidr: The Gate is Open, Katie Gerrard has contributed a major work on the practices of seidr and trance prophecy, providing a...

Sekhmet & Bast


Author; Lesley Jackson2nd edition  Sekhmet & Bastet: The Feline Powers of Egypt is a detailed study of the history, mythology, symbolism and worship of the lion and cat goddesses of Ancient Egypt. Lesley Jackson traces the evolution of Sekhmet and Bastet within the context of Ancient Egyptian religious rituals, beliefs and practices. Other feline deities, such as the goddesses Mehit, Menhyt, Mestjet, Pakhet (Pasht),...

The Cobra Goddess & The Chaos Serpent


Author; Lesley Jackson The Cobra Goddess and the Chaos Serpent is a meticulous study of the history, mythology, symbolism and importance of snake and serpent deities in Ancient Egypt.  Lesley Jackson draws on extensive research from a wide variety of sources, including the latest reports and studies of Egyptologists, taking readers on an adventurous discovery of the serpentine powers and mysteries...

The Faerie Queens


Author; Sorita d’Este  and David Rankine This exceptional anthology contains eighteen essays exploring the diverse accounts and themes associated with the mysterious and captivating Faerie Queens and their influence in magic, literature and folklore.  From the Arthurian mythos to Scandinavia, from ancient Greece to Renaissance poetry and beyond, the awesome power of the Faerie Queens to inspire, challenge and transform is...

The Goddess Nut and the Wisdom of the Sky


Author; Lesley Jackson The Goddess Nut and the Wisdom of the Sky is a fascinating and in-depth study of the Ancient Egyptian goddess Nut, in her aspects as both Sky and Tree Goddess together with all that she encompasses. Lesley Jackson presents the history and myths of the Sky Goddess within the context of Ancient Egyptian culture and religion, providing considerable insights...