Author; Lesley Jackson

The Goddess Nut and the Wisdom of the Sky is a fascinating and in-depth study of the Ancient Egyptian goddess Nut, in her aspects as both Sky and Tree Goddess together with all that she encompasses. Lesley Jackson presents the history and myths of the Sky Goddess within the context of Ancient Egyptian culture and religion, providing considerable insights into what is currently known about how the ancient Egyptians related to the visible cosmos and how it informed their belief in the unseen realm and the afterlife.

Nut, like many goddesses, is a Mother Goddess, referred to as the Great One, Lady of Heliopolis and the Mistress of the Two Lands. Nut is also the Mother of the Gods, who gave birth to the god Ra, and to another five divine children with Geb: Osiris, Horus the Elder, Seth, Isis and Nephthys. She is the Great Encloser, and Shentayet, the “Mysterious One”,  alluding to the important role she held in the afterlife. Her name was written as Nwt using the hieroglyph symbols of a circular water pot and a loaf above the sky symbol.

Explore Nut’s depictions, her epithets, her sacred animals and family connections, as well as her essential role in the Ancient Egyptian creation myth which tells the story of the creation of the Cosmos. This book explores this and many of Nut’s other important roles in mythology, religion and in other aspects of life as well as the fluidity of the inter-relationships of the Egyptian Gods. The Ancient Egyptian calendar, marked by the movement of the stars, the significance of stellar alignment and the decan stars (including Sirius) and their role in dividing the year, the Moon and lunar cycles and many other forms of timekeeping are also explored.