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Isis: The Eternal Goddess


Author; Lesley Jackson 2nd edition Standing astride the British landscape there looms the giant blue form of the Cailleach. Whether seen as a benevolent earth-shaping giantess, harsh winter hag goddess, shape-shifting crone, guardian of sacred wells and animals, or ancient bestower of sovereignty, the Cailleach appears in many roles and manifestations in myths and legends across the British Isles. Tracking the...

Memento Mori


Edited by; Kim Huggens MEMENTO MORI is a unique feast of offerings exploring a variety of magical and mythological perspectives on death, dying, mortality and beyond. With contributions from sixteen international writers, this collection gathered together by Kim Huggens, offers a great diversity of both historical and contemporary perspectives. It includes experiential accounts and scholarly research for readers interested in...

New Forest Folklore, Traditions & Charms


Author; Vikki Bramshaw "Here is an intimate and detailed portrait of The New Forest from one well acquainted with the geography and character of its landscapes – its history, traditions, flora, fauna and eldritch presences. Traversing timeworn tracks, our guide reveals the sacred loci of spring, mound and ancient tree and shines a lantern-light upon the local customs, charms and magic of...

Njord and Skadi


Author; Sheena McGrath  Njord and Skadi: A Myth Explored delves into the story of the Norse giantess Skadi and her unhappy marriage to the sea-god Njord.  As compensation, after the gods killed her father, Skadi is given a choice of husbands from among the gods, but she has to choose by looking at just their feet.  She chooses the finest-looking feet,...

Pagan Portals - Magic of Serpents


Author; Scott IrvineA remnant from the age of the dinosaur, the serpent was originally a symbol of arcane knowledge from the old gods. Transformed into the devil for tempting Eve to eat from the forbidden tree, the serpent has remained the villain ever since. Scott Irvines’s The Magic of Serpents is a profound search for the symbolism and worldwide mythology - at...

Practical Elemental Magick: Working the Magick of the Four Elements in the Western Mystery Tradition


Author; David Rankine & Sorita d'Este "The four elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth exist as spiritual essences, as philosophical concepts, as energy states and as a tangible physical reality. " Working magick with the elements helps to connect us to the tangibly present natural powers in our physical world, whilst at the same time we are returning to...