Athames, parchment, inks, Altar pattens and much more. All the items you need to set up your Altar.

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Brass Seal's


Our Brass Seals are imported from Florence and made by Italian craftsmen. Handle is 1 1/2" Tall with a 3/4" round impression.

Dip Pen


The dip pen is excellent for helping you add extra power and focus to your creative energies during the ritual creation of your seals, runes, and other such spells and magick created with pen, ink and parchment. You`ll also find that it lends a certain elegance to your writing, making it great for penning your Book of Shadows as well.

Espiritu Ink 1 oz.


Espiritu ink is intended as a potent magical ink to be used in inscribing spells, words of powers, and signs to empower your ritual craft. 

Flexi Sealing Wax


Flexible Sealing Wax with a wick - 12-15 impressions per stick. Our newest sealing wax brand has been created especially to withstand the rigors of the modern postal system- it is completely flexible and mailable sealing wax that does not chip or break. Several uplifting vibrant colors, clear impressions and great price points are the hallmark of this sealing wax. An...

Genuine Turkey Feather Quills

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Genuine Turkey Feather Nib Pens. Made from naturally shed feathers, organically dyed and hand assembled in England. Pens are approximately 12" in length and are fitted with gold nib ends for an easy and graceful flow. Use with any fine dipping/writing ink. A must have for anyone who wants to have a unique and nostalgic pen to write down their...

Glass Inkwell


Glass Inkwell with glass pen holder insert to rest your pen during writingReady to fill with ink of your choice during writing. *****Not meant for permanent ink storage Ideal for keeping your pen moist with ink while writing Size; 2.5x2" Hand Crafted in Italy from a popular Century Design