Athames, parchment, inks, Altar pattens and much more. All the items you need to set up your Altar.

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Anubis Goblet

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 Anubis was the ancient Egyptian God of the Dead.  When his priests embalmed the dead, preparing them for their journey to the underworld, they donned masks with the jackal’s head of Anubis.  As service for the god Osiris, lord of the underworld, Anubis performed the “weighing of the heart” without which immortality was impossible.  He also guarded the souls of...

Bast Goblet

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Approx Dims: 3" x 3" x 6.75" Material: Cold Cast Resin Hand Painted

Black Cat Chalice

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Drinking Horn Goblet


Genuine Buffalo Horn Handcrafted Mug. Used throughout many Cultures. Color of each Mug may be different 100% food safe, wash before and after use. Size; 6" high/18oz

Mother Maiden Crone Chalice

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Approx Dims: 4" x 4" x 8" Cold Cast Resin Hand Painted

Raven Goblet

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Approx Dims: 3" x 3.25" x 7" Material: Cold Cast Resin Description: Hand Painted