Athames, parchment, inks, Altar pattens and much more. All the items you need to set up your Altar.

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8" Cast Iron Cauldron Plain


Classic smooth rounded cast iron cauldron with lid and handle, has with 3 thick legs. Lid Approx. 6 1/2" dia, and 2 1/4" tall at tallest point, Cauldron stands just under 7" tall, with a mouth dia of 6 3/4", and cauldrons bowls depth of 6 1/2", and from handle tabs its width is 8 1/8".  

Cauldron Tripod


Keep your cauldron off the floor with this beautiful Tripod. Sturdy and good for most small to medium size cauldrons. Size: 14" high Made of cast iron

Mini Cast Iron Cauldron


 This is a minature size cast iron cauldron, perfect for small charcol, cone incense, tea light. Size; Height - 2.5"     Width - 2.5"  

Pentacle Cauldron


Cast Iron Cauldron Size; 4.5"

Pentacle Cauldron


A black, cast iron cauldron with a pentagram raised from the surface on the outside of the bowl. Cast Iron. Size; 3" D 2.75" D

Plain Cauldron 2.5"

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An unadorned cauldron with lid and carrying handle. These cauldrons are all individually sand moulded leading to each cauldron being unique from every other. Made in a two part casting process; seams may be visible and rough on some cauldrons.   Size: 2.5"