Athames, parchment, inks, Altar pattens and much more. All the items you need to set up your Altar.

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Adam & Eve Root

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Use the Adam and Eve roots to keep lovers true and faithful, or to bring love and marriage to you. ***Do Not Ingest***

Bat Head Root


The particular form of this root recalls a bat 's head, complete with a typical hook. Used to enhance the achievement of Life Missions , it is also used in divination to receive vision and revelations. Also for Magic Wishes. Made in Canada, packaged in both English and French 

Coffin Nails


High quality and energetically consecrated spell & ritual components. Good for Banishment, Uncrossing, Protection from Malicious Attacks, Reversing Black Magic. Made in Canada. Label printed in English & French.

Dragon's Blood Water

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Use this Dragon's Blood Bath in your bath waters to help wash away and destroy evil influences, and kill all jinxes sent your way by others. 16oz

Egg Shell Ritual Powder


Representing life and birth, commonly used to create spells of protection. Eggshell ritual powder (Cascara or Cascarilla) is a great addition to your ritual crafts. Sometimes called peace powder.

Iron Key


Made out of solid iron. Keys are used in all sorts of magic, mostly for good luck and unlocking opportunities, also protection, especially Iron keys as Iron is known to ward off evil spirits as spirits can travel through pretty well anything. Blacksmiths were seen as magical doers as they forged things with iron making tools of protection with the...