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Cecil Williamson's Book of Witchcraft


Author; Steve Patterson    In 1996, whilst helping the then new owner Graham King in refurbishments to the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic, Steve happened upon a handwritten manuscript entitled simply ‘Witchcraft’ and containing an intriguing pot-pourri of esoterica from the hand of the Museum’s founder; Cecil Williamson. It is this manuscript which provides the basis for Steve’s book which...

Etruscan Roman Remains


Author; Charles G. Leland To accompany our previous publication of Aradia, or the Gospel of the Witches, and Gypsy Sorcery and Fortune Telling, we are delighted to introduce the Troy Books edition of the 1892 book Etruscan Roman Remains in Popular Tradition, by the folklorist Charles Godfrey Leland. The book presents a fascinating collection of lore, magical charms, spells, divinations, necromantic rites and spirit...

From Granite to Sea


Author; Alex Langstone  We are delighted to announce Alex Langstone’s first title with Troy Books; From Granite to Sea – The Folklore of Bodmin Moor and East Cornwall. Cornwall is an ancient land steeped in legend and myth. From Granite to Sea explores the folklore of the often-overlooked eastern reaches of the rugged Cornish peninsula, at the heart of which lies...

Gypsy Sorcery & Fortune Telling


Author; Charles G. Leland First published in 1891, Gypsy Sorcery & Fortune Telling presents a unique and fascinating collection of gypsy witchcraft, folklore, charms, spells, cures, and divination and is profusely illustrated with the author’s own evocative drawings. One of the witchcraft revival’s most influential figures, American folklorist Charles Godfrey Leland, who would become the founding president of the Gypsy Lore Society,...

Horns of the Moon


Author; Kerry Wisner Following on from The Willow Path – Witchcraft, Hermetics & The Hidden Wisdom of the Magical Arts We present to you here Horns of the Moon – Techniques in Traditional Magical Arts “By hare and houndBy fish and otter,By grain that falls for the hen to devour.With dragons red and white,We climb the mountain in the night!” So begins an enchantment drawing...

Of Chalk & Flint:


Of Chalk&Flint: A Way of Norfolk Magic Author; Val Thamos Of Chalk and Flint: A Way of Norfolk Magic is a celebration of the county of Norfolk and its Nameless Tradition of magic and witchcraft. The spiritual energy which informs and powers this magic wells up from the land itself and from the Chalk and Flint which have shaped the landscape,...