Author: Kerry Wisner

Ancient Egypt has been the singular most important influence in the development of Western Magic as practiced today.  Yet, few people understand the core teachings and techniques of this once great civilization.  Now, more than twenty years after its original publication, this classic work on Egyptian Magic is being made available in a revised and expanded version that is more than double its original size and scope.

Written as an introduction to the religious and magical teachings of ancient Egypt this book presents in depth information drawn from ancient temple inscriptions and papyrus texts, giving descriptions of more than seventy Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, including a list of items sacred to each.  Practical techniques for the consecration of Egyptian tools as well as the preparation of a private temple are presented.  Ancient ritual invocations, spells, and rituals, the preparation of several incenses including the highly prized Kyphi/Kapet, the rite of offering, to the hidden meaning contained in sacred myths are all carefully explained. In addition, two calendar systems which ran concurrently throughout much of Egyptian history are explained with a detailed list of the names of the days and months, as well as more than three hundred festivals.  All material presented is carefully documented with more than four hundred footnotes drawn from over one hundred academic sources.